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 Volunteer work with job opportunities

Limited vacants


Theological International University (TIU) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit state organization whose mission is to promote theological education among Hispanics in North Carolina and other US states as well as abroad. .

TIU focuses on the theological educational needs of students. The goal of TIU is to develop educational opportunities to improve the success of Hispanics. The TIU office is located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Please send your questions about our available positions to

The need for professional experience such as education are vital issues of job search. Most jobs require practical work experience and skills in a given professional career.

In general, the job description will request experience in a specific field. When a student has successfully completed an internship, this experience can be used as the highlight of their resume to indicate that they have related experience in a given area. Sometimes such internships or professional practices can be remunerated and sometimes not. The important thing is that it will give the necessary experience that many times it is not possible to get to be able to apply to a certain job.

Some of the many benefits of doing an internship or professional practice with TIU are:

- increase in salary in the workplace after obtaining the required experience,

-higher probability of being hired,

-Development of work skills,

-Decreased time in the job search.


Internships-Professional Practices with Credit

The internship experience connects the instructions given in the classroom with the reality of the workplace. Internships with credit are a unique experience related to the field of study of the student. Many master's students require an internship experience before graduation.

A student should seek internships and experience opportunities after the academic career. A student can have as many "internships" as the student can handle. The internship will not be shown in the transcripts of the student, but it will be shown in the student's curriculum.

Internship without Credit

Internships with "zero credits" should be used for students to gain practical experience in the study areas they have chosen. The internship program for international students to meet the requirements of Practical Curriculum Training (CPT) established by the federal regulations of EE. UU US students UU they should contact the secretary for more information.

Volunteer Service (VSER)

Community service can often be the best way to connect with an organization and show passion for what they do. Take advantage of opportunities to meet other people in your field by volunteering at events and connecting with people from that industry. Residential students should look for key CSER opportunities within their field of interest or where they can learn the key skills of the industry.

TIU opens the doors this year and offers opportunities for internships and professional practices for all those who are interested in learning and gain experience in administrative, organizational and technological areas within the ministry.

                    Volunteer work with job opportunities

Limited vacants

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