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Declaration of Faith

Theological International University (TIU) is an educational institution founded on Christian principles; Which is why it offers a Christ-centered education.

The solidity of our educational principles is based on more than 20 centuries of historical experience; From the foundation of the early Church and the Apostolic Legacy, to the present day.

Love, service, teaching and faith, as an inheritance of our Lord Jesus Christ; Make Theological International University (TIU) a transformative institution.

It is universally known that the first high-level educational institutions (Universities) were of a Theological nature both in the old continent and in the New World. For this reason, the educational principles we teach are based on the experience, knowledge and tradition of Christianity.

We believe in the teaching that our Lord Jesus Christ bequeathed to us, who is the principal Rector of this institution and the designer of the most excellent Manual of Studies that is written in the History of the World.

We believe in spiritual earthly paternity, for this reason, our institution has signed a pact “For Excellence in Theological Education”, with the Sonshine Ministries Network, an entity under the authority of the International Church of Holiness Pentescotal ( IPHC).

Paternity, Permanent Educational and Spiritual Counseling, make Theological International University (TIU) a university with high moral, spiritual and educational standards


The spirit of vocation at the International Theological University is to equip Christian leadership with the best educational, professional and scientific tools for our students to be pulpit professionals with the highest qualifications at the ministerial level. The technological challenges and the needs of modern society require a leadership with a high level of preparation, which in turn allows us to perform a better service to the society in which we have to do the work.

Our educational programs are prepared so that our students are endowed with the most updated knowledge. The educational system that TIU provides is designed for the student to interact, research and develop in the areas of theological knowledge and which in turn will make our students self-taught.

We aim to make the student develop the full potential for which God has called him, and to be ready to follow the ministerial career that was already designed by our Lord Jesus Christ, who gives us the best example of service according to the sacred scriptures.

We invite you to join our institution by sharing the great innovative experience TIU offers you to serve with excellence.

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