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It is a pleasure to welcome you to Theological International University, a university that strives for quality education with global challenges and knowledge of the Kingdom of God.


One of our tasks for the future is to form a leadership with integral knowledge and social commitment. This is why our intellectual rigor and learning based on experience, cooperation and innovation.

My main job as Dean of TIU is to continue to enhance quality in teaching, research and knowledge transfer; all while focused on serving the Kingdom of God throughout the world. Desiring to form full, capable and critical citizens with a broad and multidisciplinary vision and who assume the responsibility of contributing to a more just and united world, under the knowledge and direction of God.


From now on and for a significant period of your life, TIU will be your teaching-learning context, and we hope TIU’s learning model, which has been planned carefully for you as our student, can help you to take initiatives, to be enterprising and creative, and acquire a genuine commitment to build your future.


We hope your experience in TIU is rich and rewarding both with fellow students and with teachers, experts and leaders, and with an academic community that has diverse experiences and comes from a variety of cultures. This will be an opportunity to open up horizons and explore new ways of thinking.


We hope that in this challenge you make friends and enjoy your participation in TIU.

I hope that in TIU you can find a university that can accompany you throughout your life of service, adapted to your needs, aspirations and calling, and that you are part of our university community in an active way. If so, I would like to greet you personally very soon.

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